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About Jezy

Jezy is a Canadian (Clean) rapper living in Barrie Ontario. He targets making music in a clean format because it’s completely Unicorn to what Rap/Hip hop is nowadays.

“Honestly, a lot of rappers are lazy lyrically. I use to rap like that too, it took time. I had to completely change the way I thought. Slowly over time less and less swearing would come out of my verses, eventually it was gone completely and now it is just as natural as breathing.”

Jezy dropped his first clean project “SECOND CHANCE”  last year back in September 2020.  Since 2021, he’s released 5 quality singles every 2 months!

He has his own distinct sound and is actually in a lane of his own. When he isn’t working on his music, you can find him hustling and pushing his Jezy merch. Just check his Instagram and see the trendy apparel for yourself.

(Instagram: @Jezymusic)


” Mumble rap is a thing….I’m making sure clean rap is a thing too.”